Cosy & Casual Style For Autumn

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

I hope you have been having a good week so far. I have been struggling a bit with some anxiety the last few days and my sinuses are flared up right now, which is also playing havoc with my mood. The anxiety feels silly when I actually say what’s causing it but it nevertheless has a very real effect. It’s that time of year where things get busy, usually a good busy and i’m thinking about all the gifts I would like to get, the thought of expenses start to creep in, getting the home decorated and all while trying to stay present in my two year old’s life and just keeping the day to day needs of the home going. See, it all seems a little silly to get anxiety over that and a lot of things on that list I actually enjoy doing, it’s just sometimes I put pressure on myself to achieve all these things rather than remembering to take my time so that I can enjoy the experience of decorating the home, playing with my daughter, picking out gifts for my loved ones and keeping in mind that it never feels like there is enough money to go around but somehow everything has a way of working out. I have always had this thing that whenever I feel like there is a pressure on doing something, I instantly feel a nervous energy wash over me and I have even come to believe it makes me unwell. I’m working on it and I know in my heart that if I approach everything with a slow and steady pace, whilst remaining present in each moment and to take long, deep breaths then it will come together as it should.

Today’s outfit is something I wore a couple of weeks, when this cold chill we are currently in the midst of, hadn’t yet caught up with us. An oversized knit worn loose over skinny jeans (yep I still wear skinny jeans, I love all the jeans) with some chunky socks and my birkenstock mules, which I have to say always surprise me because they are so unexpedly warm and especially when worn with lovely thick socks. The baseball cap has been a nice alternative to going straight into beanie mode this autumn, though right now, it’s too a little too cold for caps and so back to beanies it is! I hope you like today’s post.

Sending you love, light and calm,

Daniella xx

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