Finding Peace and Normality In Nature

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Happy Monday lovelies, I hope you enjoyed the past weekend. We spent the weekend indulging in festive activities, on Saturday we went to our local Christmas tree farm and picked out our tree for 2021 and then came home to enjoy some sweet treats. Though the world feels weird right now and there is undoubtedly an energy that feels separated amongst humanity, which I feel has been systematically created in order to inhibit a divide, I am trying to focus on doing things that encourage peace and togetherness even it is just with my loved ones. Going out for walks amongst nature, for me, brings such a great sense of peace and tranquility. I look around and everything is as it should be, nature is doing what it has always done, the birds are collecting food, the leaves are changing colour and falling to floor but not before dancing in the autumn breeze! And then there is that early winter chill in the air, the kind of chill that makes you look forward to getting home, getting cosy on the sofa and enjoying a hot mug of tea! Getting outdoors always reminds me of how vast the world is and takes me away from small problems, that feel huge and daunting in my mind and especially when i’m stuck inside for too long, scrolling through my phone and seeing how the government’s worldwide are trying to take away people’s freedom. I get outside and that begins to fade and though I know those problems don’t just go away and they still very much exist, I find it’s able to help bring me back to a place of calm and love rather than in a place of anger and judgement.

For this family walk we also took my youngest nephew CJ who was loving watching Nova-Rose jump in and out of the puddles and it reminded him how much he loves to do that too. I absolutely love being part of a big family and having lots of little ones around me (even though they seem to be growing rapidly) there is nothing like the innocence, imagination and inquisitiveness of children to remind you of the mental freedom one can have if they just allow the everyday worries and fears fall away for a minute and to get back to joy and playfulness that is there to be had and enjoyed in this life. I know that children have their own worries and fears too but they also have this way of allowing themselves to become completely encapsulated by their current surroundings and have this natural ability to simply let play to take over. Though our afternoon walk was about getting out, being close to nature and letting the children run around and splash in puddles, of course, I take the opportunity to get some outfit photos in too. This autumn I got myself this puffer gilet from Weekday and I found it to be very fair in price and I am pleasantly happy with the quality of the puffy piece! I also got a similar style for Nova-Rose and hers was from Zara and yes, it’s still available.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s family post.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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