Autumn Florals & Baggy Jeans

Happy Monday lovelies, I hope your weekend was well spent. This past weekend We had hoped that we would be able to go and watch a firework display but due to the little one not feeling too good and with my slow but nevertheless sure recovery from Covid, we thought it best to stay home! Hopefully next year Nova-Rose will finally get to see some of those pretty explosions!

Though these photos were only taken last month, you may have noticed the sandals and that’s because for the first half of October it was honestly still warm enough for open toe shoes, it was pretty weird! But I went with it and did my best to make the rest of the look a little more autumnal. The floral blouse is one from last Autumn and it still continues to be a favourite of mine for Fall. The colours for me encapsulate the tone of autumn perfectly and its a piece that goes surprisingly well with a lot of things, hero pieces aren’t always basics! These jeans (last worn here) that I bought at the beginning of the Autumn are a style I am enjoying wearing right now, with their baggy fit, they bring a cool and effortless dynamic to my outfits, though I don’t know how well they will fair during the next few months, it gets pretty groggy on the ground, with mushy leaves and wet pavements becoming more and more common! But i’m sure it’s nothing a washing machine couldn’t fix.

You’ll have noticed Nova-Rose made an appearance in today’s post too. We are lucky because my sister gave me a few hand me down pieces from her boys and so Nova is photographed here wearing her cousins sweater that has passed through both of my nephews, never too young for that borrowed from the boys look I guess! I am currently working on building up her autumn/winter footwear, as she outgrown a lot of her shoes and though she wears her wellies a lot, it will be good to have a few other styles for these colder months. In these photos she is wearing her boots from last winter, I wanted to see if they still fit but after watching her walk around in them i quickly realised that they didn’t! I know bad mummy for making her walk around in shoes too small but I couldn’t tell when I first put the boots on, I tested with my thumb but I couldn’t be sure!

Well, I am wishing you a wonderful Monday and happy week ahead. Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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