Autumn Days & Muddy Puddles At The Apple Orchards

Happy Friday lovelies! Today I am back with another family post, which dates back a couple of weeks, not long before I became unwell with the virus. For the last few years, we always make an annual trip to our local cider farm to go for an autumnal walk around the apple orchards. Last year, when we went, it was short lived due to Nova-Rose crying the whole time we were there (she was having difficulties with going out) and so this year we were intrigued to see how our autumn outing was going turn out. We weren’t too anxious about it as we have worked hard this year to get Nova-Rose more comfortable with doing different things and getting out as much as we can. To our pleasure, she was more than happy to go on a walk around the Apple orchards, she was particularly a fan of the huge mud puddles and spent almost twenty minutes just running back and forth through the puddles!

It was so nice to see her enjoying these surrounding that we’re so fond of too, Nova-Rose really has a dear little soul but a wild sense of wonder and I can’t get enough of watching Nova-Rose discover the world around her! It was surprisingly and unseasonably warm that sunny sunday afternoon, in fact we have never been before and it be so warm. I must admit I would have prefered a little more of a chill in the air but I won’t complain because we were able to get a good dose of vitamin D, we were all together and there were no tears! It was most certainly a win for us. I am always learning that children go through phases and then they come through them, they just need patience, understanding and compassion from their parents and they will, in time, get there.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s photo of from our trip to the cider farm, HERE is the shoot from the year before, in case you would like too see those photos too! it’s an autumnal activity we enjoy, please let me know of any autumn activities you like to do annually.

Sending you love and light and may you have a lovely weekend,

Daniella x

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