Autumn’s Teachings

Happy Thursday lovelies! Today I thought I would share with you few autumnal images with you that I have been saving on my Pinterest as of recent. I am still in recovery with the virus, I thought I was getting better, I even managed to get out in the car and go somewhere with Our daughter and nephew and go for an autumnal walk and shoot some photos just a couple of days ago but since then I have gone back down hill. Anyway, even though I feel a little sad I am missing out on my favourite season, I am living vicariously through all the pretty images I am finding that are the perfect visual representation of this amazing season.

Autumn is the most incredible season for spiritual teachings, it not only reminds us the importance of letting go and shredding what no longer serves us but it does so in an incredible fashion. A dramatic visual display of leaves turning from one colour to another before falling to the floor but just before it lands on the ground, it twirls and swirls in the air with the other leaves, like a picture from The Winnie The Pooh book has come to life! We as humans often struggle with letting go but Autumn teaches us that letting go can be beautiful, if not poetic and we have to just trust like the trees trees trust that eventually and with time something will come along and new growth will begin. Im so grateful for Autumn and all the lessons it brings.

Wishing you a lovely day, may it filled with love, light and colourful autumn leaves,

Daniella x

All photos via pinterest – image credit here

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