Playing Pooh Sticks & Autumn Walks

Hi lovelies, today’s post features me as well as my beautiful little girl when a few weeks back we, along with my mum took a walk to our favourite spot. There is undoubtedly something so calming on little ones when they are around water and probably adults too. Watching the way it flows and listening to its gentle sound is a soothing experience and whenever i am trying to think of an outdoors activity for Nova-Rose, I often feel drawn to taking her to somewhere near water. This day we played pooh sticks and she loved watching the sticks float away and I loved watching her enjoy this simple game that has long captured the attention of little ones. There was one moment on our walk that melted my heart and that was when Nova-Rose went up to a tree and reached out her little hand and just placed it on the trunk and rested it there and she closed her eyes and smiled gently. It was a beautiful between her and nature and I only just about managed to capture it.

When I wore this outfit, it was actually a lot warmer then I had anticipated and I was annoyingly a little too warm in boots and a cardigan. That said I absolutely love this colour combination, the brown adds a nice warmth to the stark black of the boots and dress.

Sending you love and light lovely souls.

Daniella x

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