Zip Up Knitwear

Happy Thursday lovelies! My posts have been a bit off this week due to unexpected bout of flu, honestly this month I have been inundated with colds and viruses but it seems from what I hear, is that everybody seems to be under the weather with bad colds, that time of year I guess! And as I am someone who is conscientious about what I put in my body i.e keeping things as clean as I possibly can, I often find that when I’m feeling really under the weather that’s when I need all the thyme tea, lemon and honey, freshly squeezed OJ, the celery juice and the freshly prepared meals but at the same time that’s not what I seem to crave and also who has the energy to do that?! But I do persevere and try to feed my body the healing foods that it needs at that time.

Anyway, onto my outfit and even though this zip up knitted jumper is years old now, there is undoubtedly a mini trend that is leaning in the favour of knitwear with collars that have a point of interest! Whether that’s bib collars, open collars, polo collars or zip up collars. Personally I don’t think the zip up collars seem to date, I mean take mine for instance, I bought mine from Acne Studios years ago and every year I bring it out and it always feels relevant. What I love about them is that the zip collars seem to bring a low-key almost sporty factor to a look and especially if worn in an oversized fit. I wore mine with a pair light wash jeans that have this kinda straight flared fit (which feels like a fresh approach to the wider leg denim) and my tan flip flops because up until a couple of days ago there has been absolutely no need for enclosed shoes, yes I think we have had the warmest October ever! Now the weather has begun to turn I would re-style this look with some chunky black boots, maybe my Doc Martens or swap the baggy jeans for a straight cropped style and pair with ankle boots or sneakers for a casual effortless Fall look! Below I have selected some sweater styles that I like.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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