Pebbles & Waves At Porlock Weir

A few weeks ago we took a small day trip to a coastal village called Porlock. It isn’t too far from home but we have never really seen this area properly and so off we went. It was freezing cold by the ocean that day, I don’t know if porlock is typically known for being cold but for us, that day it felt pretty darn chilly or at least right by the water that was the case. I would usually refer to a british beach like this as a pebble beach but this was more like boulder beach! It was like climbing little mountains to get close to waters edge and so we carried Nova-Rose a fair bit. She absolutely loves the water, she is a proper little Moana and it isn’t easy to pry her away from the water. Porlock is a small yet pretty place to visit and it really reminds me of what I imagine a proper fishing village to look like. I don’t if it still operates as fishing village but it’s old world charm certainly gives it that feel. Though it was much colder then we anticipated, we lost Nova-Rose’s hat and I got one foot soaked in water which meant my foot had to squidge around all afternoon but even so I only look back on these photos with fondness.

Taking photos of these family moments is so important to me because we make a conscious effort to take Nova-Rose out to explore different places and to create memories for us to look back on with fondness. But she’s at an age where she’s not going to remember these experiences and when we sit down and tell her of these times, it will be nice to share the images as a visual to go with our stories. I know that doesn’t mean I have to share them on here but I like sharing this content on my blog and so for now that’s what I will continue to do. I also find having the photographic visuals helps heighten my memory for remembering days like these.

I hope you have enjoyed my post.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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