An Afternoon At Hestercombe Gardens

Happy Friday lovelies, todays post is going live a little later today due to being preoccupied with sneezing all morning! Yes, I’ve been struck down with yet another head cold, goodness knows how many times I’ve sneezed today, after the thousandth sneeze I decided to stop counting! This will be the second weekend on the bounce that i have had the misfortune of having a cold but I am hoping I will wake up in the morning and it will be gone because I don’t want yet another weekend stuck inside, canceling my plans and sneezing my life away! But its that time of the year and colds are seemingly everywhere right now and well, that’s life I guess. Anyway in the meantime I am looking back to a few weeks ago when we visited Hestercombe Gardens, a National Trust destination that is local to us and a place I visited many times over the years. When I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with life, going to beautiful, open places like this really helps bring me back to centre.

This time we left Nova-Rose with Nana and took the afternoon to really enjoy the picturesque surroundings rather then running past it all because we’re chasing after our two year old who’s b-lining straight towards the pond! It was nice to have some quality time with each other in a quiet and calm place even if it was just for an afternoon. Don’t get me wrong, I love taking Nova-Rose to places like this, in fact, I find it a fundamental part of her upbringing, to take her to places where she can see the wonder, magic and beauty that is nature but its also okay to do things like this without her from time, just when one and/or both of us need some space. On to my outfit and I wore this blue and white number from the summer (last seen here) but because this was shot at a time where we just beginning to transition into autumn, I decided to add some warmth with my favourite sneakers from last autumn and my golden coloured knit, which I simply threw around my shoulders.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Daniella xx

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