Almost a Decade of Lellavictoria

Happy Friday lovelies and happy October! Yes, my favourite month has arrived and the rain has been a lot recently and I’ve not really felt well this week but I still have lots of things to be grateful for and a lot to look forward to but for now i’ll go with the flow, be patient with myself and trust the direction that the universal energy is taking me in. Todays look, which was taken at the beginning of September really reminds me of my style when I was just a couple of years into blogging, my hair in a low bun, these wide leg trousers and the navy, white and black combination. It really takes me back to those early years of shooting my looks, the excitement of connecting with like minded people through the world of Lookbook and blogs alike, some of which i still remain in contact with today.

Back then I had no idea where blogging was going to take me and though compared to others my journey and successes may seem small but I try not to compare and instead take every experience I have had through this platform with absolute gratitude. I have met and connected with people that inspired me, captivated, motivated me and made my creativity feel valued. I’ve traveled to cities that I fell in love with and made unforgettable memories in beautiful places. Though my style shares continues to be the dominant fixture here on, I have also come to love the way its transitioned as my life has and bringing more treasured family moments onto this platform documented by photography is such a pleasure for me.

Style is a passion of mine it gave me a sense of purpose that i had never felt before then and when my nephews were born and of course giving birth to our daughter I can safely say that it no longer just felt like i had a purpose but instead fundamentally I knew I had a purpose and so its natural to share that side of my life on here from time to time. has been a part of my life for almost a decade now and I’d be lying if I said that I was bored of it because in truth I still love creating in this format. That said though, I would love to one day have the available funds to hire someone to help me create a site that feels even more personal in design and structure but for now i’m grateful to have this little space.

Thank you for visiting here today, i am so thankful.

Sending You love and light,

Daniella x

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