Summer To Autumn Textures

Happy Wednesday lovelies, can we even believe it’s the last day of September tomorrow! October is one of my most favourite months because to me, that’s really the beginning of Fall. That’s when the leaves really beginning to cover the ground, when the temperature usually starts to drop to that nice chill and well, I am hoping it won’t be a month of rain and instead crisp days with some autumn sun, so we can get out and make some visits to a few of our favourite places and experience them in the Autumn. But, this is the country of relentless rain, so we will just have to see. Here is a look that I wore a few weeks back, where I began to combine textures that were both of our current season and the one to come. Mixing cool linen in a neutral beige tone with a navy wool cardigan seemed more harmonious then one may originally think. Also do we think basket bags can be taken into the Autumn, I personally think they don’t have end once the summer ends, In fact I believe it looks quite parisian to carry round a basket bag whilst wearing a tailored coat or a knitted cardigan. But that opinion is just my own, others may feel differently. Well, I hope you like today’s casual and simplistic take on summer to autumn style.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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