First Of The Fall Florals

Arket Loafers – HERE

Happy Mondays lovelies, I hope everyone’s weekend went well. I cannot believe how warm and sunny the weather has continued to be here in the UK, or at least here in the southwest that’s been the case. It’s weird because visually it’s kind of beginning to look like autumn with more and more leaves appearing on the ground but the heat makes everything feel a bit off. But can’t complain about the extra dose of Vit D, it’s what will help keep our bodies fit to fight off any nasties, well, hopefully! Our town if officially out of fuel and it seems so silly, it’s like watching a bunch of dancing monkeys. There are people at who work at BP (fuel company) saying that basically it’s fake news. It’s like no one questions why the news would report such a thing, I mean they know that reporting something like that is going to cause histerior and send everyone out in a frenzie to get fuel and so if there isn’t an alternative motive, why would they do that? But instead everyone treat the news like they are the all knowing and all seeing Gods.

Sorry rant over, I just get frustrated and sometimes I just gotta get out of my system. But seriously stop watching the news. Today’s look was a perfect way to introduce touches of Fall into my daily style. I absoloutly love floral in the autumn, almost more then florals in the summer (almost) and though this floral blouse was bought in the summer, I love how with the dark denim and toffee coloured cardigan it is somewhat evoking of Fall. As I look at the weather for the week ahead, I think I will be swapping my sandals for some enclosed shoes, I don’t know if I am ready to go straight to boots but loafers or sneakers seems like a fair transition from summer footwear to autumn, wouldn’t you agree? Well lovelies, wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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