Elegance Simplified

Happy Friday Lovelies, so we are officially into Autumn 2021! I am excited to go into this new season because it is probably my favourite, though Spring is a very very very close second! There are many things and reasons to why I love Fall and of course the style and the fashion around this time of year has a lot to do with my love for the autumn. But just before we get into some new season outfits, I am just going to take a second to wrap up with some of my Pre-Fall looks but I Imagine come the start of October, I will hopefully have some more autumnal style to share with you! Because if I am completely honest, it has been really warm up until today, today was the first day it has felt as though there is a chill in the air but i’m not complaining, I will soak up every last moment of the summer heat and not to forget the longer evenings whilst we still can. We all know how long the winter can be. Today’s look was perfect for the warmer weather we’ve been having for this transitional period. Styling some casual denim with this light, collarless black top and tan loafers felt like simplified elegance. I have always been a fan of a low bun and gold hoop earrings are a continual go-to of mine and opting for these style details I felt only served to accentuate the chic neckline of this top. This look would work really well for a smart/casual evening look also, I would simply add a red lip and swap the loafers for a pair pointed, backless kitten heels. If you are interested, below I have shared some items that will re-create this look.

I hope you like todays styling.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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