A Day At Dunster Castle

Nova-Rose absolutely loved this part of the gardens at Dunster Castle! She was running around so happily and she was full of smiles as this point in the day.

Dads Do it Better! Well, in this case anyhow, I would get myself in such a star trying to attempt this! Out of all the Gardens we visited this summer, I would say that Dunster Castle was the least pram friendly, which is fine, it’s a very old estate and it simply can’t be helped but thought it might be worth mentioning.

Nova-Rose loves flowers and she loves touching them and picking them, so I had to keep a close watch over her in case she started dismantling the beautiful floral arrangements.

My favourite thing at Dunster Castle was the abundance of hydrangeas that were planted all around. There were so many pretty colours, I couldn’t stop myself from taking photo after photo. In the end I had more photos of hydrangeas then of anything else from our time at Dunster Castle.

Dunster Castle had some fun little spots for the kids, which Nova-Rose definitely appreciated.

Though Nova-Rose had some very happy moments from our time at Dunster Castle, it was also quite stressful because she also had some very tough and challenging moments. It was a very hot day and unexpectedly so and though a lot of it was in the shade, I think the heat had got to her and she was struggling with her mood that day. Here though, in the open grass area, she found her calm again, which was just in time for our journey home.

Happy Monday lovelies, todays post comes from a local trip we took as a family a few weeks back. We visited Dunster Castle, where we mostly wondered the gardens. We would have liked to have been able to wonder around the castle itself but it didn’t seem like it was pram friendly and so we thought we would go back at a later date, just me and Conan to check it out. I’ve already mentioned (under the photos above) that we didn’t find Dunster Castle very easy to manoeuvre a pram around, which was a little frustrating but it’s an old estate and these things are sometimes to be expected! Regardless of this, we still mangled to navigate our way around the place. One of my favourite things about the Dunster Castle Gardens were the abundance of Hydrangeas that were there. They are one my favourite flowers and they seemed to have so many varied colours and as you have already been able to tell, I couldn’t stop myself from photographing them!

The day we went, we weren’t expecting it to be so warm, it wasn’t given in the forecast but indeed it was a very hot and I though Nova-Rose had some very happy moments, she also struggled with her moods that day, which made the afternoon quite challenging. Though it made things a little more stressful then I would have hoped for, it’s part of the territory when visiting new places with a toddler and especially one who is non verbal. We try our best to take it in our stride and find a way through it. She really loved the section with the big open spaces that she could run freely in but she also loved the bridge over the river there and also the cute wooded play area. Munster Castle is rich in history with beautiful landscaping and though my favourite is still Sherborne Castle I love how close Dunster Castle is to us and still makes for a wonderful family afternoon out.

I hope you have enjoyed these photos. I have certainly enjoyed charing them. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and sending you love and light,

Daniella x

Find out more about Dunster Castle on the National Trust site HERE

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