Light Layers Amongst The Long Grass

Happy Friday lovelies, I hope this week has treated you well. It is that time of year again where it’s nearing the end of the season and I am going through all my photos from the summer, the ones that I haven’t yet shared here on for one reason or another and I am somewhat franticly trying to get them edited before posting summer outfits starts to seem weird. These photos were taken at the end of June, which of course seems like an age ago now but I would still wear this combination now as it is kinda perfect for this muggy weather we have been having here recently, light layers make for perfect outfits this time of year. I am thinking of taking this printed dress into the early days of Autumn and swap the white shirt for a knitted cardigan and trade the sandals for some sneakers or knee high boots. In fact I did a similar early fall look last year see HERE.

Sending you love and light for the weekend ahead,

Daniella x

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