Summer Memories By The Little Bridge

Hello lovelies, I love being able to look back at some of the things we have done during the summer through the captures we’ve been able to collect. Thankfully this summer I’ve felt a lot more freedom to go to places compared to how I felt last year. Whilst there is undoubtedly a real threat of becoming unwell from the you know what, I’ve also come to recognise how much fear can hold one back and have a certain amount of control over our mind, body and soul. I am still practising a certain level of caution but i am also seeing what i feel is the reality of the situation.

We have tried to get out to a variety of places this summer to make up a little bit for last year but as anyone in England knows, the weather has exactly been the best! During the weeks when we haven’t been able to commit to going somewhere, it has given us the opportunity to utilise our more local surroundings. We are very lucky in our village because we have an abundance of little treasures that wrap around where we live, including this little bridge that you can see in today’s photos. The kids in particular love this sweet area and it is also a favourite spot for dog walkers too because its a great place to let the doggos enjoy some splashing around in the water, in fact the day we took these snaps my nephew spent a lot of his time just watching this dog run in and out of the water, it was very sweet to see.

When visiting this spot we always like to take a bucket with us and on the way down to the bridge we collect some stones because Nova-Rose loves the action of throwing them in an causing a splash. Yes, it’s fun to explore new places but sometimes keeping it simple and close to home is just enough too and especially If you’re lucky enough to be close to some water and/or nature in general. Even though We have been to this spot a thousand times before, its all about the energy we put into it to make it feel new and magical for the kids. Can you spot any dragonflies? do you think fairies live here? look at the way the shadows bounce on the trees, lets see if we can make big splashes with the rocks! It is what you make it, is i guess what I am trying to say.

Sending you love and light lovelies,

Daniella x

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