Tackling Oily Skin With Typology

Back at the beginning of summer, I was contacted by Typology, a skincare brand that I recognised but was not that familiar with. When they mentioned they would like for me to try their skincare regime I looked into the brand a little more before I said yes, as I am usually quite fussy about what skincare I use. Because what goes onto my skin goes into my body and I like to keep that as clean as possible. I often find, that with a lot of skincare brands that there isn’t a lot of transparency and when you look at what goes into the products, for me its just as confusing as trying to understanding computer coding! I honestly don’t have time to try and decode the products I am using and that’s what really intrigued me into trying Typology because I found the brand to be incredibly clear about the products they are selling.

A little bit about typology that might interest you in the same way it did for me. Typology are a french brand, so straight away you know the branding alone is going to be understated yet chic but this is not just for ascetic purposes, no, this is to encapsulate what Typology stand for. They treat their bottle designs and branding with the same kind of thoughtfulness and clarity that the ingredients in their skincare products have to offer. Their formulas are simple, yes but nevertheless effective and I say this after two months experience in using their products. Instead of trying to navigate which products I should choose, I alternatively opted for the diagnostic test (here) that they have to offer, which helps identify what treatment is best suited your skin. The test results ended up being what I intuitively thought it be, which was the oily skin. I have always suffered with an oily complexion and have always looked for different ways to combat this.

As I previously mentioned the Typology skincare routine was sent to me a couple of months ago and the reason I am only posting about the products now is because I wanted what I write to be authentic and that comes from giving the products a fair amount of time to see what effect they took, whether thats good or bad! And though I was gifted these products, I wasn’t asked or paid to write anything and all that I write comes from an honest feeling. I was a little anxious about whether i’d even be able to make time for a skincare routine that has few steps. I know that sounds silly but Nova-Rose (my 2 year old) is a little handful and carving time for skincare indulgence seemed a little out of the question but once I got into the groove of using the skincare products, I guess I just made it happen. I find that both my morning and evening routine to be almost therapeutic, whether it’s washing my nights sleep off my face in the morning or washing the stress away from the day, it really is a cleansing practice that I am happy I make time for.

I can honestly say I enjoy every step and product of this routine and has it made a difference? YES! And I can honestly say that no brand has had this kind of positive effect on my skin before now. I don’t know whether this will be true for everybody and I will say that I do eat well, I consume a lot of fruits, vegetables, celery juice and organic, vegan supplements too and recently I cut out sugar for a month and so I imagine that plays a part too. But that said, even before I cut out the sugar, there was undoubtedly a recognisable difference in the appearance and texture of my skin.

I hope you have enjoyed todays post. I put a lot of time and energy int creating it but I am so glad I did because it’s a brand worth sharing.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

Typology Website HERE

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