Hues Of Pink and Hills Of Heather


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Happy Monday lovelies, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and for everyone who has a long weekend this bank holiday, I hope you’re making the most of the extra time, whether that means getting out and about, exploring new places or simply just enjoying some quiet time from the comfort of your home. Either way I hope you’re doing what you love! This post was supposed to be published last week, as a continuation of my pink week ( see my other pink posts here & here) but there were some unexpected twists and turns that threw normality off balance and though things are still uncertain right now, I’m editing photos whenever I can because it’s really what helps keep things feeling a little more stable.

Usually my outfit photos are always a little backdated, usually by about 3-4 weeks, which has often frustrated me a little but i suppose I’d rather have too much content then not enough. Anyway, these photos were actually taken only last week, I thought because the look was fitting for my pink theme, I thought why not?! Conan had mentioned to me that when he was out on one of his bike trips, he came across a lot of purple heather up on the quantocks and he thought I would like it and though we were pressed for time, as it was getting very close dusk when we headed out there, I was blown away by the pink and purple carpet of heather I could see before me! It took us a good twenty minutes to reach that point but the view was better then I had imagined. The lighting wasn’t perfect but it was what we had and so we made the best of it and I was happy with the photogenic result. If we weren’t so pressed for time and maybe if it had of been a little less windy, then I would have liked to have taken more time in getting a bit more creative with the shots but I am thinking of revisiting this beautiful heather scene again and hopefully soon because I don’t think they stay in flower for much longer, I was reading between July and September is the usual time for them to stay in bloom.

Heather’s symbolism is a little colour dependant and in the case of pinks/purples it’s typically known for admiration, beauty, femininity and love. The white heather is for good luck, purity, love and protection too.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.
Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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