Blue Blouse, White Jeans

I hop you have been enjoying this weeks blue and white themed posts (see HERE & HERE for the story so far) I am quite liking posting with a weekly theme and so next week, I think I will will have a pink themed week. Back in the spring I was looking everywhere for some wide leg, high waisted, white jeans and originally I wanted these jeans (only in white) from RAE but unfortunately they were not making them in in-between sizes, which is what I am and so I either had to settle on them being a bit too big, which sometimes is okay or to try a size down, needless to say the size down did not work, I couldn’t get the zip even close to all the way up and so I abandoned those jeans altogether. Thankfully I found these for a fraction of the price on H&M (similar HERE). Though I haven’t worn them as much as I wanted to (story of my life this summer) I don’t regret buying them because a pair of jeans like this will always come in handy and I always continue to wear white jeans into winter, though with this pair the weather will have to be undoubtedly dry.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend my lovelies. Sending you love and light,

Daniella xx

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