Blue and White Dresses For Late Summer

You may have noticed there is a bit of a blue and white theme happening here on this week (see my last blue and white post HERE) and today’s post features a dress from last summer which I styled and updated with this year’s blue headband and tan sandals. We have a lot of windy summer days here in the UK and a headband is quite often a go-to accessory of mine on windy days such as these, as it help keeps these longer locks out my face. Whilst long, flowy and easy to throw on dresses are my favourite during the summer, I am already thinking about how I will take them through to the early days of autumn because it usually takes me a little white to detach from the romance of free flowing dresses and right now I am toying with the idea of throwing some oversized knitwear over my favourite summer dresses in tones of warm beiges or hazelnut browns. But for now I will continue to enjoy the effortlessness of a dress and sandal pairing, whilst we hold onto the last few weeks of summer. Blue and white dresses continue to be a favourite and like I said you can continue to wear them with your favourite sandals now, flat or heeled and then pair them with some chunky boots or simple sneakers and autumnal coloured sweaters come the autumn. Above I have selected a few blue and white dresses that are currently still available in most sizes.

I hope you like todays look and the pieces I have selected.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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