A Blue And White Beach Day

Happy Monday’s lovelies, today’s post comes from sunnier place and time. These photos were documented from a very hot day back in July. We haven’t been to the beach (apart from some winter walks along the coastline) properly in years! The last time we had brief visit was for a big family reunion back in 2019 but it was grey, a little chilly and the main focus was on connecting with family members that we hadn’t seen in years!

This was Nova-Rose’s first proper day at the beach and we went to a beach called Wooolacombe in Devon, which is a beach that we went to all the time when I was a little girl and so there are a lot of fond memories from here. I used to love it when I was little and we would go to woolacombe with my aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents and or course my sister and parents. I recall my uncle would build us a boat out of sand which we would play in all day long. I would also collect the polystyrene cups after my family would finish their tea and use them to build mini sand castles. So I had lots of lovely memories in that respect. But when I would go with just my immediate family it wasn’t always so nice despite my mums best efforts to keep it calm and happy and well, my dad I guess he did the best with what he knew. So the beach has bittersweet memories for me but nevertheless a very prominent part of my childhood.

Nova-Rose absolutely loves water (she’s moana) and to see her so calm, happy and completely in her element that afternoon bought me so much joy. When we used to go as children, we would always get up pretty early and get down to the beach as soon as possible, it was a mad and hectic rush, for us we wanted to take our time and decided to head down there in the afternoon instead. The weather was amazing and so we weren’t worried missing out on that and in fact I feel that taking our time and getting down there a little later in the day really worked out well for us. When we arrived we got set up halfway down the beach and though it was still busy at first, it didn’t take long before everyone started to leave and the beach felt a little calmer. It also meant we weren’t there during the time the sun was at its hottest, which unless you have all the sun protecting equipment, this works out a bit better when you have a little one. If there was one downfall about getting there a bit later, it’s that buy the time you’re settled and just about ready for an ice cream, they shut up shop! Which is a little annoying but a small comprise to make, in my opinion anyway. Though I have always questioned why they shut the ice cream shops so early!

It’s very important to me and my partner that we always create time to make memories and to do our best to not let the years pass us by. We want to get out there and do things, go to new places and revisit old favourites. I’ve been in that place, where one year runs into the next and it feels as though you’ve done nothing to separate them from one another and I don’t ever want to fall back into the pattern again, life is there to be lived and explored. We might no be able to do something every week or even every month but we do what we can with what we have and thats what counts. I hope that Nova-Rose will learn this too but this will only happen from leading by example and so that’s what we will continue to do.

This year I decided to update our beach towels, blankets and accessories and since I’m still very much into blue and white and I thought this was the perfect way to bring a refreshing summery feel to our beachwear and accessories. I hope you enjoy todays family travel post.

Wishing you a lovely week ahead,

Daniella x

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