A Burst Of Green

Happy Friday beautiful souls, I’m feeling quite happy with myself, as I’ve managed to get my regular posting back on track this week and whilst I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it up, I’ll save that problem for another day and right now I’m staying in the present moment of feeling good. Today’s look comes from a warm summer’s evening taken a few weeks back. The printed midi skirt (which was birthday gift) is made from such a light cotton, making it feel effortless to wear but what I really love is the print of the skirt! It kinda reminds me of wall paper, which I know is usually said as an insult but for me, I actually like it for this reason. I kept most of the look simple with neutral tones from my shoes and bag but opted for a burst of green for some unexpected flair.

Something I mentioned on my Instagram the other day and something that has been on my mind a lot this week is preserving our right to think, speak and act as we wish freely and hopefully so without judgement. Maybe asking to do so without judgment is asking too much but worth putting it out there. Sometimes our beliefs, thoughts and actions has a way of dividing us, which is a shame because it’s actually great that we don’t always all think or feel the same way because how would we ever learn from one another and how would we know who we are as individuals if we all just thought and did the same things?! I feel right now, more then ever we have to embrace and encourage one another’s freedom of choice, freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Because even if we don’t understands one another’s view or choice we should at the very least respect each other’s right to say and/or feel that way.

In these uncertain and uncomfortable times, where certain viruses are causing havok, there is a mix of people who choose to wear masks and people who don’t. People who vaccinate and people who choose not to. There some people who don’t even believe in the virus, whilst there are people who are petrified of it. We must remember that regardless of these mixed feelings and where you or I stand on it, that it is indeed our right to make our own choices and we must protect this freedom for ourselves and the next generation. What really matters is that we all come together to back our individual right to speak and act freely (within the law obviously) because if we are to do this then we can create a solid foundation that cannot be broken nor will we become divided and with that, freedom will remain our own. I hope you are okay with me speaking about this today.

Anyway, I wish you all a lovely weekend ahead and I hope you liked today’s “burst of green” outfit post.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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