Stripes, The Wardrobe Builders

For as long as I’ve taken style seriously, (in the sense of letting go of faster fashion and focusing on stable investment pieces) a stripe top has and continues to be at the very heart of my wardrobes foundation. I’ve had expensive stripe tops, very affordable ones and now I’ve landed somewhere in the middle with this style from COS. I have been wearing it for a couple of months (ever since I bought it) and in terms of fit I think this is my favourite yet, though I do prefer more of navy blue stripe where as this one looks more black. I love this roomy fit for a classic striped top and I feel it will look great with a variety of shapes and styles. As you can see I wore mine with these mensy style shorts and classic loafers for a slightly more androgynous take on summer style. I don’t know about you but I always keep a look out for stripe tops even if I’m happy with the ones I already have because like a navy knit, the white tee or blue jeans, there is always room for more of these outfit builders in Your wardrobe, wouldn’t your agree?!

Anyway lovelies, sending you love and light for the rest of your day,

Daniella x

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