Progress Isn’t Linear and That’s Okay

Happy Monday lovelies, so it’s been a minute since I last posted but last week I was applying most of my spare time to my health. I’ve recently chosen to cut out refined sugar and gluten, though I’ve been practicing gluten free for the last year. So now I’m meat, dairy (apart from a tiny bit of milk in my tea), gluten and sugar free! This means a huge amount of my time goes into making my daily juices, meals and snacks, which energetically takes its toll but with my stomach health continuing to be daily discomfort, I have to try this. I’m still figuring out how to make it all much less time consuming and I’m sure I’ll find my groove with it but for now I have to be disciplined to give my health and well-being a fighting chance.

I shared on my Instagram the other day about progress and how it isn’t linear and that’s something I constantly have to remind myself. For me, I associate this progress isn’t linear to my healing journey and When we are trying to heal mentally, physically, emotionally or otherwise, depending on the scale of what we are trying to mend or re-wire, these things can potentially take years to overcome, it may even be life long and especially so if you’re dealing with addictions or other mental health issues. The path to healing, the route to making positive changes to your life, isn’t just one straight road that is well lit every step of the way. No, the roads are full with bends, hills that are both big and small and sometimes you’ll fall into a ditch that you didn’t know was there! Sometimes there is a light to guide you down your path but sometimes it’s dark and scary and all you have is your intuition and senses to guide you through.

When you make a conscious decision to start making a better life for yourself there isn’t a pair of shoes you put on that’s one size fits all because to begin with the shoes that will walk you through your journey might, at first, feel uncomfortable, like they aren’t a good a fit at all but that’s just because they’re different to the shoes we are used to walking in and our new shoes just need some breaking in but in time they’ll become much easier to walk in.

If you are on your journey to healing, you’ll understand everything I’m saying, it’s not easy but it’s such an empowering experience. There are days where there are high highs and then there are days with low lows. There will be days where you feel like giving up, like what was the previous effort even for but that’s where discipline comes in, one has to learn to have discipline for those days where motivation is in hiding. There will be days when we need to have a break and just let ourselves feel sad or simply sit with whatever it is we are feeling. Maybe you’ll need a few days and that’s okay but whatever you don’t give up because taking a break is different to giving up.

Wherever you are on your path to healing and whatever form that healing may take, even if you are just at the point where you are starting to recognise something is not right and you know something has to change and then follows the acceptance that this begins and ends with you and your efforts, I hope you know that you are not alone, everyone is fighting a inner battle and I want you to understand that you are capable of healing, you deserve to heal and even on the days when you don’t feel it, you are absolutely strong enough to overcome all that you come up against. Like progress, Healing is also not linear but it is achievable, one hour at a time, one day at a time, one month at a time and one year at a time. Be patient with yourself.

I thought I’d share these thoughts with you in todays style post because if it reaches someone then that’s amazing and if it doesn’t, then hopefully you’ve at least enjoyed the photos and the outfit I have shared. Speaking of which, I loved wearing this outfit, a soft cream v-neck, styled with some linen trousers and chunky flip flops for a chic paired-back look, perfect for those typically British, cooler summer days.

Sending you so much love and light today, have a wonderful week, Daniella x

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