Family Travel: Summer Afternoons At Sherborne Castle

Happy Friday lovelies! I know today’s photo post was a lot but I just honestly can’t believe I’ve finally got through editing them! These photos are from back in June and it’s taken me all of July to get the courage/energy to start going through them and begin editing them. It’s taken me almost a full week to narrow these down and edit (yes, this is narrowed down) but in my defence, I only get 45 minutes, tops, a day to edit and put together this post. Hobbies when you’re a full time mum are not for the faint hearted, one has too persevere to make time for side hobbies, even if that is for thirty minutes here and there. I find that it is currently a fine balance between making the time and taking what you can get! So back to the photos and though it was a process, I am so happy to be sharing these photos with you because they are some of my favourite. They were taken at Sherborne castle on a beautiful, clear and sunny day, it was almost uncomfortably hot but because the grounds surround an open lake, you do get a nice breeze come through off of that.

We first visited here back 2019 which was more for my partner’s benefit (there was a car show being held there) and though I got to walk around and take in the scenes a little bit, I said that I wanted to get back there on a quieter day, so I could see it all. Well, of course last year we unfortunately didn’t make it and so this year I was set that we needed to make it happen and thankfully we did. I couldn’t believe how quiet it was, which I was super grateful for because it meant we had a clear view of the beautiful grounds all the way around. When we first arrived there, we kinda got off to a rocky start, nova-rose was so excited that she ran off faster then her little legs could carry her and she took a pretty big tumble, it felt as though my heart stopped for a second when I seen her fall! But thankfully she wasn’t injured apart from just a little scuff mark on her face, bless her little heart. Though she was okay physically, emotionally it set her on a bit of path that day, which meant her mood was very up and down that afternoon, which was a little frustrating because I think had it have not been for that fall, she would have had a much better time! But it happened and the important thing was, she wasn’t injured and we made the best of it, which as parents or as anyone who is used to being around children, you learn to let go of expectations and instead go with the flow.

We had a lovely afternoon getting in some outdoors family time and I am already excited about going back there in the autumn, as I believe it will be just as beautiful with all those autumnal hues, just got to make sure I get the timing right. I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and hopefully it wasn’t too long for you.

Sending you love and light for the weekend,

Daniella x

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