Summer Greens & Earth Energy

1. Faithful The Brand Gingham Dress – HERE 2. Faux Plants – HERE 3. Arket Tee – HERE 4. Floral Pyjamas – HERE
5. House Doctor vase – HERE 6. Mango Top – HERE
7. Hannah Artier Mini dress – HERE 8. Pasta Bowls – HERE 9. Olive skirt – HERE 10. Market Blanket – HERE
11. Juliet Dunn Top – HERE 12. Arket Linen Dress – HERE 13. Juliet Dunn Shorts – HERE 14. Whistles Skirt – HERE

Happy Monday lovelies, I hope you had a weekend well spent. My weekend included a long overdue eye check up, to which I thought I may come away with a prescription for glasses but thankfully I didn’t! Not that I would mind wearing glasses, it’s just I think it take me ages to settle on a style and I know I would end up coveting a pair that would be out of my price range. Fun fact about my eyes, when I was in my twenties, I discovered that I had one lazy eye that went undiagnosed when I was little. This past weekend, I also went to the garden center, I went there to buy one thing and ended spending more money on flowers/plants that I was intended on buying! But that said I came away looking forward to getting home and redesigning one of our planters with the new flowers I had bought. I also bought a cute bird feeder which you’ll see on my Instagram stories Here.

Today’s outfit photos come from last month (I think) when we threw our first big family barbecue. The weather was perfect and it gave me the perfect opportunity to wear this pretty green midi/maxi dress. Today is the perfect time to share this outfit because I’m currently very drawn to green right now. Green is nature, green is the colour of healing and the colour of heart chakra and I know that for me personally right now I’m feeling the need for greater connection to nature and healing it can bring into ones life. In fact whilst we’ve had a nice continuation of dry weather, I’ve been trying to spend a little time just sat on the ground in the garden, connecting to the earth energy and visualising it’s energy running up through my body and healing the inflammation and imbalance. This isn’t always easy to do with a two year old but Lohengrin she’s playing outside in the garden, then little moments here and there can be made and dedicated to this practice.

I hope you like todays simple summer outfit and my green product shares. Sending you love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella xx

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