What To Wear On Gloomy Summer Days

Todays look may be a simple one but sometimes simple says it best! Here in the UK our summer days have been quite gloomy for the most part, many of us thought that like spring, we were also skipping summer this year! This often means its quite hard figuring out what to wear on gloomy days and sometimes the best style solution, is keeping it simple and classic. This is often the route I take when I have those days where I am struggling for outfit inspiration or during transitional periods and that’s why I am always investing in wardrobe staples. Though this outfit remains mostly to be seen as a minimal and classic look, I do like to be thoughtful to the finer details and add in some small yet modern twists. Like for instance, Instead of sticking to pair of straight jeans, I opted for a barrel style as an alternative plus I love the relaxed feel it lends to this look. Talking of relaxed styles, I also chose to wear these suede, chunky sole flip flops (there were a birthday treat to myself) as they gave the outfit a touch of summer. They also look chic but simultaneously have a modern edge which I am so often drawn to in a shoe. The Joseph flip flops are still available but I have also included a more price friendly alternative, which you’ll find pictured and linked in above. I hope you like todays simple but stylish combination and tell me, what do you like to wear on gloomy summer days?

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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