32nd Birthday In Blues and Whites

Happy Tuesday lovelies, I feel as though this post took me all last week to edit! But I’m really happy to finally be sharing these family photos from my 32nd birthday taken at the beginning of July. My family and I love celebrating birthdays and we enjoy thinking up themes and colour combinations to set the tone for the day. This year I chose blue and white, as it’s a colour combination that I continue to admire. I had found the dress that I am wearing by Cefinn ages ago and knew it would the perfect piece for celebrating the day in style. I very almost missed out on it due to my procrastination but thankfully I just about managed to get my hands on it. I paired it with these beautiful tan sandals that I received as a birthday gift from my mum and their simplicity was the perfect addition to the white and blue print of the dress.

My family also did a great job at embracing the colour theme too. We dined alfresco and basically gorged on a lot of carbs and gluten (something I typically try and avoid) with pasta, pizza and bread. I’m the only summer birthday in my family and so we always put all of our prayers into it being sunny on the day, you would think it being summer, that it would be a certainty but not here in the UK. Thankfully, weather wise, it was close to perfect and I couldn’t have been more grateful. Family coming together in moments like these are what I live for.

Family can be defended by each individual experience, sometimes you have to create your own family experience by finding your soul tribe but thankfully I have been blessed and I came into a bunch of kind, loving and funny souls. It may have taken some decades to fine tune this dynamic, and we had to cut loose from a narcissist but we also have been lucky enough to bring in a few good souls along the way too. Nothing is certain apart from the present moment we are in and so as hard as it can be to release our inner fears and worries, it’s good to just live in each and every moment given to us. Well, I hope you like todays post, I have enjoyed sharing these sweet moments with you.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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