Summer Blouses and Country Lanes

One of my favourite pieces I bought in the spring, are these terracotta coloured trousers from & Other stories ( unfortunately I don’t think they are available anymore) and if it hadn’t had been for the super crappy british summer weather, you would have had seen me wearing them already but like so many other pieces, I have simply not been able to bring them out due to the lack of hot summer days! But there was one weekend and I didn’t waist anytime bringing them out and styling them up! I just love their colour and well, you should know by now I am a longtime fan of the wider leg. I feel these trousers would be complimentary to many colours and styles of tops, knits and/or blouses but this time I paired them with this bohemian style blouse, a piece I bought at the end of the summer sales last year. I didn’t get much wear out of it last summer but it’s nice to style it up this time around.

The basket bag is another favourite from summer 2020 and this year it’s no different, I still love this bag as much as I did last year, it’s become such a go-to piece for me and is great for chucking everything in. Looking at these photos, it’s hard to believe they were taken just up the road from where we live, down a beautiful country lane, that is actually someone’s drive, oops! When I look at them, its could almost pass for somewhere abroad, or maybe thats just because we’ve been talking about going to Italy recently, my sister and I really want to vacation there. I would absolutely love to see the Italian countryside. But for now homeward bound it remains to be. I hope you have enjoyed todays styling.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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