Slouchy Summer Styles

Happy Monday lovelies, I’m excited to start this new week because it’s the lead up to my 32nd birthday! Some people like to play their birthdays down and keep it all low key but I’m the opposite of that and like to make the most of my birthday and rarely, if ever has my birthday celebrations been contained to just one day. I like to drag that baby out and make it last a whole week if I can, don’t judge me! ;). So, I just got to hope that this rainy weather will clear up just in time for the birthday celebrations to begin. 

If you’ve followed me for long enough, you’ll know that I love an outfit of slouchy/oversized proportions. The shirt and pants I’m wearing are two pieces that I’ve owned for years and years and the paring of the two together is not a first but this time there was the addition of the blue cardigan, I loved how it highlighted the blue within the shirt. I even added a slouchy bag to stay in keeping with nonchalant tones of the look. A lot of people fear wearing so many loose pieces in one outfit and feel more drawn to balancing out the slouchy pieces with fitting ones and I understand that and we have to do and wear what makes us feel confident but I’ve always felt good in relaxed styles as a whole and I guess that’s because I feel comfortable and when I’m comfortable, I’m a lot more confident in what I’m wearing. 

Anyway lovelies, sending you much love and light for the week ahead, Daniella x

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