Summer Dresses For Little Ones

Hey lovelies, summer is officially in full swing and though here in the UK, our summer days can be a bit hit and miss, (no one lives here for the weather) we are still embracing the season of summer dresses! I bought Nova-Rose quite a few summer dresses back in the spring, when I was feeling optimistic about the weather. Well, that season came and went and with very few sunny days to show for it! Now we are in June and fast approaching July (yay almost birthday time) I am glad to finally see our little girl looking extra cute in all her summer frocks. The dress she is wearing in today’s photos comes from a smaller British business called Little Cotton Clothes and though I always find it hard to select from the abundance of beautiful designs that they sell, I am really happy with this yellow, floral print style, so pretty and perfect for the warmer summer days. Below I’ve selected a few summer dresses for our little ones, which I hope you’ll like also.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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