Summer Style Focus: Yellow

Happy Friday lovelies, I hope you have enjoyed your week. Amongst blues, greens and of course whites, there is another colour that is currently working it’s way up my radar and that is yellow, hence today’s dedication post! Yellow, though so obviously a colour for summer, it still, can nevertheless go a bit of a miss in ones home/wardrobe, at least that’s certainly the case for me. Yes, I’ve been feeling drawn to this sunny colour much more in these past few weeks and I always think of myself having yellow pieces in my wardrobe but the truth is, I’m lacking in this colour considerably and this is something I would like to change! So today I am sharing a few of the pieces that have caught my attention, pieces that I think would make great additions to our wardrobes and to our living space.

This colour is so positive and uplifting, it would be a shame not to embrace more of it. Sending you love and light for the weekend ahead,

Daniella x


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