Blue Florals and White Flowers

Happy Wednesday lovelies, yes it’s been a slow start the week on, this lovely weather has meant so much more time is being spent outside and a lot less time at the computer editing and putting together content. We set the paddling pool up for Nova-Rose this past weekend and she can’t get of being out there, I’ve mentioned before how much she loves water and I’m encouraging I water play and outdoors play as much as I can right now, as in England the summer sun can go as quickly as it came!

Anyway, though this outfit is a little too warm for our current weather temps, it was a look that I was fond of wearing just as the temperatures were beginning to rise, which for us was not all that long ago. The sleeveless knit layered over the blue floral dress was the perfect style solution for when it was somewhere in-between warm and not so warm, a classic weather combination for us Brits. I hope you like todays look and photos, personally I really like the romantic nature of the images and the outfit itself. I’m going to share some similar pieces that are a little more suitable to the current temps further down the post.

Sending you love and light, Daniella x

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