Visit’s To The Park and Spontaneous Moments

These photos were taken after a mostly rainy Sunday a few weeks ago. We were just about to head out for a walk around the village, this was still during lockdown and the need to get out was painstaking and just before we headed out the door for yet another walk around the village I thought to myself why don’t we head into town, to the local park there, it will hopefully be quiet because it was quite late in the afternoon and there had been rain showers on and off for most of the day. It was a very last minute thought but it was something that I actually wanted to do rather then felt I had to do.

Before we left though I was concerned because I wasn’t feeling well at all (with the M E/chronic fatigue I live with, not COVID or anything like that) and I questioned whether or not I should be going but I got in the car and off we went. Once we arrived, we had to wait for yet another rain shower to pass but once it did, it was just as I hoped it would be. The park was quiet and the sun ever so slightly started to peer through the clouds. Nova-Rose was so happy to have so much space around her to run and explore, it was nothing short of delightful to see the smile across her little face. At first she just stood there in amazement, simply looking around and then catching sight of the birds flying above her, it’s a moment I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

The grass was still wet but the flowers looked brighter then ever and though there were a few tears from the little one when we had to leave, I’m glad to say we’ve made an effort to get back there a few times since and thankfully they’ve been warmer visits. When we arrived home, I noticed how much better I was feeling compared to before we had left, the pain, the discomfort and low energy I was feeling prior to our spontaneous trip to the park was feeling much better, not gone but better. I was also in a lighter mood, probably because I wasn’t feeling as fatigued!

This has been a great reminder of the importance of being spontaneous and making time for fun because I believe it was this that had a direct effect on my overall health and well-being and so much so that I have been doing my best to keep the fun up and to be a bit more spontaneous and when my body is like “ hey, let’s do this it will be fun” I do what I can to make it doable in that moment if possible, rather then talking myself out of it or saving it for a more “appropriate” time. It’s not always achievable and especially with a two year old but an awareness for the necessary importance of having fun with a strong sense of freedom can not be ignored when it comes to one’s health.

I hope enjoyed today’s post. Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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