Baseball Caps and Afternoon Walks

Happy Monday ( to those who are celebrating today, happy bank holiday monday) I hope the sun is shining where you are and that you have some nice plans to make the most of this long weekend. Here are some beautiful photos of us all that were captured between afternoon myself and my boyfriend when we were on an afternoon walk a little while ago. This is what I always imagined us doing when Nova-Rose first came into our lives, going off on big and small adventures, exploring both local spots and far away places! Then last year in the small amounts we were able to go out, I became increasingly concerned that this wouldn’t happen because Nova-Rose seemed to be very insecure abut going out and only ever wanted to be in her pram or held when we did go out.

But this year something changed, like a flick of switch, she has completely embraced her inner Moana and now loves to venture out and explore the world around her. A wonderful reminder that we just have to give our little ones time. Time to gain confidence, time to adapt to this strange and wonderful planet that they now call home. Sometimes as parents we slip up and want to hurry them along because we want them to enjoy the things that are there to be enjoyed and though thats not a bad thing, patience with our little ones is more important as well as not comparing their progress to the progress of others. This is their journey and we are lucky enough to hold their hands and guide them to the best of our ability along the way.

Style wise me and Nova-Rose had our own little twinning moment with our baseball caps and once upon a time she would not have kept this on her head but thank goodness she does now because it makes for a sweet capture. I’ve been wearing my cap non stop, mine is actually a mens cap from Barbour and in my opinion makes no difference to the fit plus I really love the colour. Links to the pieces we are both wearing (or very similar) further down the post.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x


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