Mummy and Daughter In Blues & Pinks

Happy Wednesday lovelies! Today ended up being a mummy and daughter post, though that wasn’t the plan, i’m always happy if I can team up with my little one. In this post, I am sporting blues whilst the little miss is keeping it girly in pink. I have loved adding more blue additions to my wardrobe over the last year, there is something so calming and peaceful about wearing blue, reminiscent of blue skies and the clear water of a calm and vast ocean. In symbolism blue represents trust and loyalty, calm and truth. I also connect it to higher thinking, receiving from the angelic realm, speaking up and healing. I think this way because of the blue crystals and their connection to the throat and crown chakra. Are you a fan of blue clothing too? If you like the pieces featured in my look today, you can find and shop similar style below.

Nova-Rose looks so pretty in pink and though her personality is still developing, I already feel she is going to have a gentle femininity about her but also a tough spirit. She might wear pink but she’ll be running, jumping and rolling around the floor whilst she wears it. She is a burst of new star energy (Nova) and yet still grounded and gentle at the heart of it (rose). Pink symbolism is love, healing, gentleness, to nurture, to embody light in your heart and to speak and feel from a place of love and understanding in replacement of judgement. I have also chosen some pieces for your little ones that are similar to the outfit that Nova-Rose is wearing.

Seeing you love and light,

Daniella x

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