Skincare and Little Luxuries

Happy Monday lovelies, as I write this I am in surprisingly high spirits, considering we had yet another cold and wet weekend! I guess as frustrating as it is, I often like to remind myself, if complaining about the weather is a complaint of mine, then I am living a good life. So I gotta stay focused on all the wonderful blessings that I do have and taking into account all the awful things that are happening out there right now, I guess I have it good.

Anyway a little bit about whats behind these photos today and you remember me sharing some skincare products with you a little while ago and in case you missed it, you can check it out here. Todays skin care products come from Neals Yard, a trusted brand I have gone back and forth with for years now. For Christmas 2020 I was very lucky and received a few of their products from a few people and if you are wondering why only now I am sharing these products with you, well, I wanted to give it time and really get familiar with these little luxuries before posting about it. I felt this was a more authentic approach rather then sharing after just a small amount of use.

I do enjoy using Neals Yard goodies and I do find them to be great quality and they are obviously a brand that cares about the development of their products and the ingredients that go into them and as someone who likes transparency in the products that I use or consume, then that for me is an added bonus. I really love their Vitamin E night cream (HERE) it’s lovely and light and for my skin, that’s perfect. I also really love the Frankincense Intense eye cream (here) there is something about eye cream that has always felt very luxurious to me and this eye cream is nothing short of that. One of my favourite products of theirs, that I have had a handful of times now, is their beauty balm (here) and from time to time I like to use it as a more natural highlighter, it looks beautiful, creates a pretty glow and its scent is very lovely too. Have you ever tried Neals Yard skincare range?

Sending you love and light,

Daniella xx


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