Home Decor: Simple Stylish Storage Jars

A little new home addition that I bought a little while ago. This storage jar from Zara home is perfect for storing my oats. I try and be as gluten free as possible and having my gluten free oats with some oat milk topped off with a drizzle of maple syrup is one of my favourite snacks that I usually have before I go to be, yep I’m a late night cereal eater, always have been and it’s likely I always will be. I know this isn’t exactly a thrilling post, let’s face it, it’s a jar full of oats but I thought it was a stylish addition to our home and now I can keep my oats on the countertop (close to hand) without them looking messy.

Love and light to you,

Daniella x

Zara Home Storage Jar


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