Florals and Layers For Spring

Happy Friday my lovelies! And it’s the last day of April, can you even believe it, I know I can’t! Today’s look is perfect example of the chillier days we have seen so much of this spring. As much as I love the weather being warmer then it currently is, the slower transition from winter to spring and spring to summer does mean I get to experiment with my outfits a little more. Sometimes we have to look for the positive and for me, this is it. It means I can layer less then I did during the winter, I can remove the heavier coats but keep my cosy knits and instead of pairing them with denim and boots, I can instead opt for my favourite floral dresses for a more spring appropriate look.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget taking these photos with my mum, we ended up having such a laugh that morning. We were approached by this man ( at a distance of course) who proceeded to assume I was a photographer and promptly asked what it was I photographed, to which I responded myself but also mentioned my enjoyment of capturing nature also. There was some awkward laughter and then the man went on to say how I was full of myself and then left. He kinda said with laughter but still my mum and I were in absolute disbelief and we just burst out laughing. I’ve always felt uncomfortable when taking photos of myself but I do because I love the outfits that I put together and I want to document and continue to share them in the way I have always enjoyed doing. People like him who choose to insert themselves into other people business without being invited don’t exactly help with my confidence in these situations but it did give us a laugh that morning even if it was through his own ignorance. I guess sometimes you just have to get the laughs where you can.

Wishing you a wonderful wonderful Friday and a happy weekend. Sending love and light,

Daniella xx

I haven’t included any links to similar pieces of my outfit today, simply because I wasn’t able to make the time, so my apologies for that.


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