Trilogy Skincare

I’ve always been interested in skincare, more so then make up because skincare is the foundation and if make up is to help enhance what is already naturally there, then it’s even more important to take good care of ones skin. Over the years I’ve dabbled in different brands of skincare but as I’ve become more aware of chemicals and unnecessary nasties that come in a lot of beauty products that I certainly do not want in or on my body, I have also found that it’s become harder to settle on a product that is genuinely kind to my skin and is not harmful to me health.

Not so long ago my mum introduced me to Trilogy and bought me this rose oil set. I’ve been using this off and on over the last few months and I love the scent and the quality of the product, the only thing for me is, that my skin is quite oil prone and so it’s nice to use every now and again but a little heavy for every day use. I thought I would share the products anyway because like I said, I do rate the quality and I think for the right skin, they would be great. Or even if you have skin similar to mine, the products make a nice treat from time to time. I’m still trying new products and brands for the time being and I hope to settle on one that suits my skin and the standards I look for in skincare sooner rather then later and so if you have any suggestions, I’m always open to them.

sending you love and light,

Daniella x


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