Soft Pinks & Floral Collars

Happy Friday lovelies! Todays look is a little reflection on the colder spring we are currently having, yes it certainly isn’t anyway near as warm as it was this time last year but we were unseasonably lucky with the hot weather in 2020. Anyway just because it’s colder this time around doesn’t mean we can’t embrace the spring and I think the way to do this is with balance and compromise. So I love a pleated skirt all year round but they feel extra chic in the spring, now usually the temps would be up a little higher and I would typically opt for a more delicate shoe but if I want to wear my pleated skirt in the spring whilst it’s still so chilly then I will have to compromise and instead pair it with my chunky boots. Personally I like the contrast of the classic and feminine style of the skirt and the toughness of the boots. Also, pinks and florals are another springtime must for me but I couldn’t quite break out the soft floral blouses this time around and so instead I paired together my floral collared knit and soft pink cardigan for a balanced approach that felt both warm and spring-like. Then I danced around in the shadows of the bare trees, looking forward to the warmer days ahead.

Wishing you a wonderful Friday and a happy weekend,

Daniella x


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