At Home: Quality Craftsmanship & Mindful Moments

Ever since I can remember I have drank tea, in fact I remember when I was five years old, staying over at my grandparents house and my Nan asking me if I would like a cup of tea and her bringing it up in a small Garfield mug! Weird, random and a meaningless fact for you but tea has long been a comfort for me, as it is for many and having a cup of tea is like home in a mug. I try and incorporate herbal teas too but nothing quite beats the comforting taste of black, english breakfast tea. I have long collected mugs and though I have lost some favourites along the way, I always manage to retain a collection that is pretty comedic for just one individual but I enjoy them, so that’s that. My tea mugs are usually more of the novelty kind, I dare to confess of the amount of Disney ones I own! Whilst I have a fondness for my “fun” mugs I admit that I have to come to long for mugs that are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and more in tone with the decor of our home. I know that sounds incredibly grown up (boring) but what can I say, maybe I am growing!!! Though I am guilty of buying mass produced items, I will always be on the lookout for unique pieces with good craftsmanship from smaller business as and where I can and this mug by ceramics designer Lucy Rutter is one those special unique pieces. I actually bought it in the pink colour way as a birthday gift for a family member and when it arrived I fell completely in love with it. A little while later my partner surprised me with the white/neutral version and every evening I drink my last cuppa of the day out of it. The craftsmanship is beautiful and I will endeavour to purchase more of her timeless ceramic pieces.

Talking of beautifully made pieces, the teapot I now use was also a gift from my partner back at Christmas and what I love about this teapot aside from its quality design, is that, now I boil some loose tea in some water over the stove instead of boiled kettle water and a tea bag. For while I have wanted to stop using tea bags, just because I don’t like the idea of the bleaching and I prefer the notion of investing in good quality tea and especially when I am drinking 3-4 cups a day. I still use tea bags and kettle water from time to time, especially if and when we run out of the loose tea but I just try and avoid that method where I can. The taste with loose tea is so much better and I am enjoying the process of trying different tea brands in order to find out which one we like the best. I think what I love most about this tea making process, is the more meaningful practice that comes along with doing so. I find myself more present in what I am doing, it’s a longer process but a process that helps me to slowly sip away at my tea, appreciating it a bit more then when I just chuck a teabag in the cup. I think the more mindful acts we can bring into are daily routines, big or small have the potential to make a bigger impact on helping us to be present in each and every moment. I hope you like todays post, even if you aren’t a tea drinker.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

Luce Rutter Ceramic Mug – HERE


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