My Good Friday Easter Bunny

Happy Good Friday lovely souls! It seems to be a bit of a Nova-Rose week here on LellaVictoria and today I couldn’t resist sharing these cute photos of her exploring her big world in her sweet Bunny print knit, perfectly in time for this Easter weekend. The black cat that has been photographed above, despite his or hers (that’s yet to be discovered) serious look is actually the friendliest feline! This always comes over and greets us, which always makes Nova-Rose’s day and it always brings a smile to my day too. I’m sure the cat is friendly to everyone but there is something magical when a animal takes a liking to you, I’ve always felt is makes one feel a little special. Teaching our daughter to be kind to animals is something that is of great importance to us, I think it teaches children how to be kind for no other reason then to simply be kind and the world is always in need of that. In fact when we were out on the day I took these photos, the cat had wondered over to another group of children and there was this one girl who thought it would impress her group of friends to hiss and run at the cat to try scare the poor cat. I know she’s just a child who clearly hasn’t been guided properly but this only encourages me to do my best in raising Nova-Rose to always treat animals with kindness. I’m hoping to share some photos of our Easter Decor later today, so make sure to check back later.

Sending you love and light and wishing you a very happy Easter, Daniella x

Nova-Rose wears:

Zara Jacket

Trotters bunny knit

John Lewis leggings – Here

Sass and Me shoes – Here


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