Statement Details With Casual Combinations

Happy Monday lovelies! It officially starting to really feel like Spring, yesterday the clocks changed and now the beginning of lighter evenings is in full swing, if there is one thing I truly dislike about the winter, it’s the dark evenings! It is also the lead up to Easter this week and I’m looking forward to bringing in a little Easter decor to our home. I’ve finally got myself an Easter tree, it wasn’t the one I originally wanted but nevertheless I’m still excited about it, as I’ve wanted one for years now! But more on that later in the week. So here I am talking about spring and I’m sharing what looks like an outfit from the autumn but it is indeed from this year, it’s just the country roads maintain a lot of the autumnal foliage, so that can’t really be helped. Anyway this is mostly quite a simple and casual outfit but I updated it with a statement bib collar for a point of interest which I find is necessary when you’re in the depth of winter and one is trying desperately hard to make the best of yet another combination of knitwear and denim.

Sending you love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella x


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