Space, Distance, Clarity

Happy Monday lovelies! Spring is here and I couldn’t be happier to welcome one of my favourite seasons, it’s time for a refresh, a time to start enjoying the beginning of crisp mornings followed by warmer afternoons and finished off with lighter evenings. In the last couple of weeks I have enjoyed bringing in fresh bursts of colour into the home with a few small and simple floral bouquets and it’s gentle spring touches like these that can help usher in the renewed energy that we are all in need of after a long and harsh winter.

How I wish I was sharing a spring outfit with you in today’s style post but as lovely as that would be, I have enjoyed editing these photos we took when we ventured up to the moors of exmoor. It was during a time when I was mentally and emotionally in need of some space, as you’re probably aware yourselves being in lockdown can have that effect and so heading up to the moors was just the antidote that I needed. It was wonderfully cold, the kinda cold that makes you appreciate a good cup of tea, once you’re home again and the space that surrounded us was vast and quiet and it gave me the clarity I needed in that moment. Small problems can seem extremely big and heavy when we are stuck inside our little world day after day and I find when I put space and distance in between me and my everyday life, then I am humbly reminded that our world is big, my problems are small (even if they large) and there is peace to be found in that. Nature does heal and that’s why it’s important to submerge myself into it when I can with whatever means I have to do so. I hope you like todays images.

Sending you love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella xx


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