My Spring Style Over The Years

How is everyone doing today, you’ll have to forgive today’s post, I’m aware that it’s even more self indulgent then usual but in celebration of the soon to be spring season, I’ve rounded up some of my spring-ish outfits from over the years. I have never been true to one particular style or another but my appreciation for always including classics into my outfits and then styling them in a way that is relevant to the times and to what I am feeling in the sartorial sense of the word, has always been evident. If there are a few things that appear consistent after looking over these outfits, it that stripes, denim and white are forever my go-to’s.

It’s interesting on an emotional level looking back at these photos because for so many of the outfits, I could tell you a little story about the day and what I was feeling. People think fashion and clothes is superficial but not to me, it’s so much more then that! Styling outfits has been what’s got through so much pain, it gave me a sense of purpose when I felt I had nothing to give and allowed me a sense of direction when at times, I felt lost. Sorry, I’ve gone of course a bit here, it’s just I don’t normally look back at my older outfits and it’s bought a few emotions to the forefront. Anyway I hope you have enjoyed my spring outfit round up from over the years.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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