Colourful Cardigans For Spring

Happy Monday lovelies, I hope your weekend was a lovely one. The days of spring finally seem like they are in sight and hopefully it won’t be long until the warmer weather can begin to catch up with all the daffodils that have begun to spring into action. Whilst I’m on the subject of spring, who here is in the mood for lighter layers and what better place to start, then the humble cardigan. Yes, I have a fondness for cardigans, my mum and I both do and today I’m wearing this beautifully soft mint coloured cardigan to get me in the mood for the spring days that await us. I am also sharing a few of my favourites from various brands, further down the post. I am particularly into colours for this spring, especially softer colours as well as few brighter ones. I really adore the blue cardigans right now, they remind me of the beautiful clear blue skies, that hopefully we will have many of in the weeks to come. Well, I hope you enjoy today’s post. I am sure how much content I will be able to post this week, could be a lot, it could also just be today’s! I’ll have to see what my energy levels supplies me with.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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