Winter Wonder’s With Our Doggo

Happy Monday lovelies, these photos were taken way back during the very cold days of January. When we decided to ditch the kid with her Nana and take our first baby, Koko (our boxer dog) up onto the Quantocks Hills. I was really craving some outside space and to connect with nature and though the fog prevented us from seeing the wonderful vastness of the Quantocks, it was still great escape from indoor life that feels so heavy sometimes!

Our doggo koko turns 6 this September and I cannot believe it! It only feels like yesterday that Conan bought him home to us as a tiny little puppy. I have always grown up with boxer dogs and I can honestly say that they make such amazing family dogs, he is especially perfect around kids and is so incredibly tolerant of Nova-Rose’s toddler behaviour. Boxer dog’s need so much love and attention, they are so playful and their energy levels, in my experience are puppy-like until their last days. I am so grateful for our Koko and I love seeing him out and exploring the world around him. It was bitterly cold when we ventured out the morning we took these photos, but I very much enjoyed the surroundings of the natural elements.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and a great start to March, may we all be blessed to welcome Spring a little sooner this year.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x



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