My Last Minute Valentines Gift Guide

Though I’ve been working on this post over the last few days, I accept I am a little behind. But, there are always people in need of a last minute Valentines gift guide. For a long time I have felt that Valentines Day is about Love, no matter who that love is for. It can be love you have for you mum, sister, brother, friends, Dad and so on. I also don’t believe you have to give gifts in order to be a part of the festive celebrations. You could do something thoughtful outside of gift giving, it could even be as simple as writing a letter, sending a text, making a phone call to the people you love and care for. But if you do want to express your love by gift giving, then I have picked an assortment of gifts ranging from pice points as low as £3.99 with these heart shaped hot chocolate, chocolates or something a little more extravagant with this heart necklace – HERE and there is also plenty in-between. And I have included gifts that are perfectly to your mum, romantic partner, your kiddo and bestie! I hope you are able to spread and receive the love this upcoming Valentines day, God know we are in need of raising the vibration of love right now.

Sending you love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella x


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