Nova-Rose Turns 2

A couple of days ago we celebrated our daughter, Nova-Rose’s 2nd birthday. Though, as you can imagine, it was a quite and intimate celebration with just us, I still decorated with some Frozen decorations, laid out some party food and did my best to elevate my little girl’s birthday as much as one can during these times.

It is hard to believe that for two years, we have had our little earth angel grace us with her inquisitive, energetic, driven, sassy and beautiful nature. I still remember waking up at 4am with strong contractions, making my way to the shower because I was scared and wanted to feel a a sense of normality, which is insane because there is nothing normal about having a shower at 4am whilst going into labour! I remember walking out to the car, where there was snow on the ground and my mum telling my partner to drive really carefully because the roads may be icy.

I was supposed to have a water birth at the hospital but due to some health concerns and her eagerness to come out, I never made it to bath in time. I remember having the best midwives who were so kind and calming throughout and though I rarely have anything good to say about our local hospital, I cannot fault the maternity ward, they were honestly the best. I remember being exhausted through that first night of having her but being so excited that I could barely sleep. But I think the most memorable moment will forever be the first time I felt my daughter’s skin touch mine. It was an insane feeling, a spiritual experience and I don’t care how corny or predictable that sounds because for me it was magical. These last two years have been intense, in amazing ways and challenging ones. I have cried, questioned myself, I have got it right and I’ve got it wrong but most of all I’ve smiled more then ever before. She really has bought us a happiness above anything we could have ever imagined.

Capturing photos of Nova-Rose isn’t easy, she is happy just doing her own thing most of the time but I just about managed to capture a few moments of her throughout the day. Her pyjamas are Zara Kids and the tutu and cardigan are from The Little White Company, though the tutu was part of their winter sale.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x


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